One-Click Trading
You can buy or sell multiple digital assets such as USDT, BTC, ETH.
safely and efficiently
  • btc
  • usdt
  • eth
  • rmb
Exchange fiat currencies for digital assets
At RightBTC, you can directly use our supported fiat currency to convert your fiat into digital assets on the one-click trading page with the best conversion prices.
One-Click trading order Order History
  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Buy using quantity
  • Buy using amount
Price ¥ /
Payment method
  • EBANK Bank card
  • ALIPAY Alipay
  • WEIXIN WeChat
Only Three Steps Needed
About 3 minutes you can own digital assets
  • Enter purchase amount
    You can choose to buy using amount or quantity
  • Choose payment method
    Support multiple payment methods
  • Waiting for digital assets to arrive
    Wait for the asset to arrive after the payment is successful
Our Advantages
  • Multi-currency transactions
    Support multiple mainstream cryptocurrencies
    such as USDT, BTC, ETH, etc.
  • Ultra low price
    We will provide you with the best conversion price
  • Secure and convenient
    Merchants are strictly screened, payment funds are safe, and transactions are convenient,
    Fast response time, average transaction time is around 3 minutes
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I buy digital assets, what do I need to do before buying?
What should I pay attention to when buying?
How is the price of the fiat currency determined?
Are there limits on the trading amount?
Is there a transaction fee for on-ramp fiat?
How long will it take for the purchased digital assets to deposit in my account?
Are there any trading restrictions?